Mylaine Poodle (praiseyethelord) wrote,
Mylaine Poodle

Dear Vienna

Wow. I want to go to Europe. xP It sounds so exotic...I feel like those people who thought western America was really exotic and stuff, so they yearned for paintings--and later, even more with photographs--of those distant lands. 

Mrs. Marc is pretty awesome. ^^ I thank God for blessing me with her presence in my life. Instead of chapel, some students met with their respective prayer warriors, so I met with Mrs. Marc.  It was not too bad of a meeting. She kicked it off with a story about herself, and how legacy makes a difference. If her mom at ten years old had never heard "Jesus loves you," it is very likely that Mrs. Marc would not be where she is today. Some of the choices we make, whether we acknowledge it or not, will inevitably affect the next generation. After her story, she basically opened it up for us to share our "conversion experiences," and just about our walks with (or without) God in general. It was not too bad, actually. I was able to learn about the lives of the other kiddies for whom Mrs. Marc prays. I like listening to people talk about their lives. It makes me feel informed and I don't's just nice to know stuff. ^^ 

MUST PRAY. PRAY. PRAY. PRAY. PRAY. Oh...did I mention pray??! For Snow Retreat. Yup. Please pray. I must and will pray, too. 

I wish I did not procrastinate as much as I do now. It takes away time that could be spent with God. =( Sigh...

Tags: chapel, prayer, snow retreat

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