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Snow Retreat

is coming up soon. I'm not sure what my feelings are, regarding it, but I do know that it needs a lot of "prayer cover," as Peretti would say in spiritual warfare terms. I will be praying. I hope you will, too. Our prayers are not futile. This is promised by God.

It's been a relatively good week so far. I like the new shirt that I got this past weekend with my mom. ^^ I also like my mom--she's really patient and awesome like that. I know sometimes I don't really show appreciation for her, but really...she does more than what she gets credit for. a LOT more. However, I also realized...I'm about just as proud as the next person. I really need to learn to humble myself--in the sense that I should not easily be critical of others. Instead, I need to follow Atticus's advice to Scout--to really imagine myself in someone else's skin, because that's the only way I'll ever know.

Good night.
I hope there is no photo homework due tomorrow. I shall check my planner. I find it funny that my backpack has not yet been opened/touched, ever since I got home. I've been more or less house-ing, talking, and hearts-ing. teehee. Oh yeah, and doing my English assignment...which didn't take too long. I wonder if I can copy+paste it here, without messing up the format.

For the longest time, Susan had a craving for it. Her stomach grumbled for it. Cupid’s Exile Number Two even appeared in her dreams, most recently. She first saw it in the window of a store, displayed in all its glory, with its splendid flavors showcased; it made Susan’s mouth water. Examining the content listed in the description, she was sure that this would be the right order. Already able to savor the lusciousness, with her mouth still embarrassingly gaped open, when the cashier asked if she was ready to order, she impulsively placed her order for Cupid’s Exile Number Two, with Thirsty Island as a supplement. After waiting for so many long, strenuous days, when it was finally brought to her, she immediately immersed her nose into the fragrant “new book” smell, taking in its fragrant fumes. She held it up to her face, preparing to digest the book, which was overflowing with a river of glorious thoughts and phrases. Turning the pages over and over again, making splashes all over the place, she tried to mix the material together. She made a mental note of any abnormalities to herself, so that she could remind herself of it when she got to it. She doesn’t like being surprised by indistinguishable content. Gathering the necessary utensils, breathing in deeply, she dove into her first serving of Cupid’s Exile Number Two.

Not sure if that worked. Oh well. =/
House Progress: up to Season 2 Episode 17 =D
Good bye for noww. ^^ Praise be to our God...I'm still not sure what I should fast from...maybe I will do what Dusty suggested--to add a walk to my schedule. Hmm, what would I take away to make time for that? Hmmm....

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